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THAT Concept Store is a well-known brand in the fashion business that raises the bar for the UAE's level of living. Its one-stop website's main goals are self-expression and self-embracement. By elevating the new standards ...Read More
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THAT Concept Store is a landmark of creativity and luxury in the United Arab Emirates, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of fashion, beauty, home, and culinary products. This exceptional retail destination transforms the shopping experience by blending art, culture, and commerce into an engaging and inspiring atmosphere. With brands like Anissa Kermiche, Zimmermann, and Cult Gaia, along with exclusive collaborations and emerging designers, the store provides a diverse and exclusive range of products. More than just a shopping venue, THAT Concept Store hosts various events and workshops that build a sense of community and give customers opportunities to interact with their favourite brands and artisans. Whether it's a pop-up event showcasing the latest fashion trends or a hands-on workshop on sustainable living, there's always something new and exciting to discover at THAT Concept Store.

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At THAT Concept Store, find unrivalled shopping experiences and exclusive deals. Upgrade your style now!

THAT Concept Store shines as a symbol of luxury and contemporary fashion in the vibrant heart of Dubai. Renowned for its diverse mix of high-end brands and distinctive finds, this store offers a shopping experience that is both stylish and sophisticated. Upon entering THAT Concept Store, you are welcomed into an ambience that elegantly fuses modern design with a hint of opulence, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the discerning shopper. Each visit unveils a curated selection of fashion, beauty, homeware, and lifestyle products, ensuring that every item is as exceptional as the shopper's.

Fashion enthusiasts at THAT Concept Store will discover a thoughtfully curated collection of clothing and accessories from both renowned and up-and-coming designers. The store prides itself on offering items that are not only trendy but also exude individuality and creativity. Whether you're in search of the perfect evening dress, a standout piece of jewellery, or the latest in streetwear, THAT Concept Store guarantees a varied and dynamic shopping experience. The store's dedication to quality and style is evident throughout, with each product selected to meet the discerning tastes of its clientele.

Beyond its impressive fashion array, THAT Concept Store also boasts a range of beauty products, home décor, and lifestyle items. Shoppers can delve into an assortment of luxury skincare and makeup brands, as well as unique homeware pieces that add a touch of elegance to any space. The lifestyle section includes everything from cutting-edge gadgets to artisanal goods, making it a comprehensive destination for those looking to enhance every aspect of their lives. With its commitment to providing a holistic shopping experience, THAT Concept Store continues to set the standard for luxury retail in Dubai don’t forget to use THAT Concept Store coupon codes provided by Grabdeals to save on your shopping.


Wide selection of products at THAT Concept Store

Women's Apparel: Savor the alluring determination of delicately varied clothing as you purchase exquisite Women's Clothing from THAT Concept Store. An incredible selection of dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jumpsuits & playsuits, kimonos & kaftans, jackets & coats, and much more are available at its online store. Apart from it, 

Women's Accessories: From THAT Concept Store, elevate your style with subdued accents of tastefully combined Women's Accessories. Exotic accessories including sunglasses, hats, beach accessories, scarves, belts, hair accessories, and much more are easy to match with your ensemble. 

Men's Clothing: THAT Concept Store offers a chic selection of Men's Clothing. Draw attention to yourself with your avant-garde and creative style. Its extensive selection will improve your fashion game with T-Shirts, Activewear, Pants, Shirts, Shorts, Polos, Swimwear & Beachwear, Denim, Loungewear, Jackets & Coats, and much more.

Accessories for Men: THAT Concept Store provides the perfect selection of Men's Accessories to round off your outfit in a satisfying way. Its online store is stocked with stylish accessories that include jewellery and watches, beach accessories, activewear accessories, bag accessories, hats and caps, and more. 

Home - THAT Concept Store's fascinating selection of Home Essentials enables you to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. When you see its cosy arrangement of home furnishings, home décor, tabletop, and much more—all of which are perfectly suited to elevate the standards of your house—you will be astounded.

Gifting: Are you looking for some thoughtful and original gift ideas? THAT Concept Store offers unique options for gifts. The online store offers a plethora of positive gift selections that are sure to make your special someone smile, such as the Card Set Buffalo Leather, Lucite Chess & Checkers, Oblio Phone Sanitizing Wireless Charging Station, and many more.

Gadgets & Tech: THAT Concept Store is renowned for its exquisite assortment of gadgets and tech, which is rather astounding. When you see its cutting-edge essentials for this genre—like the Mino+ Mini Bluetooth Speaker 3W, the Black Not A Padlock Airpods Pro Case, the Leather Phone Pouch With Signature Patch, and the Red Leather Airpod Strap—you'll be astounded. The best news is that when you use the finest THAT Concept Store Offers when you shop online, these items are accessible at reduced costs.


For all ages, why is THAT Concept Store a great option?

We consider a variety of factors when searching for an online retailer or brand, including cost, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal. That is here to change "that," as we seldom ever look for ways to show who we are through our apparel. The sections below provide a summary of how this brand is gaining traction with younger consumers.

The Purest Expression of "Self": THAT is all about using fashion and art to showcase one's inherent attractiveness. This is a novel idea that supports the rich artistic heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

Premium Sections for Men, Women, and Your Home: Men's grooming and home goods are also available in this store's premium sections. It is a genuinely unique method of showcasing artwork that the community can purchase.

Extra Luxe: Every item in the THAT Concept Store is a genuine, premium item. Because they were created by the top designers in the industry, every product on the website is a tiny work of modern art.

THAT Gift Guide: "A Fantastic Way To Bring A Smile To A Loved One" You don't have to be anxious about gifts when you shop at THAT internet store. A variety of gifts are available for different types of people. THAT Concept Store has the perfect gift for any type of individual, whether they are a foodie, reader, romantic, or realist.

THAT Mall of the Emirates: The online retailer has a high-end retail location called Flipside located in the centre of the Dubai Mall. It has been referred to as the "THAT Mall of the Emirates" with love. One can express themselves with diverse aesthetics and design sensitivities here.


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THE Concept Store returns & shipping policies

THAT Concept Store offers hassle-free, quick shipping and deliveries. To ensure that you can take full advantage of their policies, there are a few things you may need to know. Every order under AED 300 requires you to pay a standard charge of AED 25 if you are placing it from within the United Arab Emirates. Deliveries are free for all orders that exceed this threshold amount.

Additionally, returns on THAT Concept Store are easy. Within 15 days of purchase, full-priced items can be returned and exchanged within 30 days. Exchanges for sale items can be made within 14 days, and returns must be requested within 7 days of the original purchase.

THAT Concept Store FAQs

Grabdeals certainly advise you to give your loved ones as many discount codes as you have so they can shop more and save money.

No, there aren't any student discounts available for theft right now.

There aren't any teacher discounts available right now

Currently, discounts are not available to military personnel.

Medical practitioners are not currently eligible for any discounts from them.

No, senior discounts aren't offered at this time.