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Du is the greatest choice for a reputable mobile and internet service provider since their goods are regarded as trustworthy and of the highest value by a wide spectrum of clients. The firm was founded ...Read More
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In the dynamic world of telecommunications, Du has established itself as a leader in the UAE, known for its innovative and reliable services. Du offers a comprehensive range of services including mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity, and IPTV services. Their customer-centric approach ensures that they provide the best deals and promotions to keep premium services affordable. With flexible mobile plans that cater to diverse needs, from prepaid to postpaid options, Du guarantees convenience and value for every customer. Their home services, which include broadband and television packages, offer seamless connectivity and entertainment, reflecting their commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Through Grabdeals, customers can find limited-time Du discount codes on Du’s mobile and internet plans, making premium services more budget-friendly. Whether it's a significant reduction in monthly subscription fees or special bundles that combine multiple services at a lower price, Grabdeals offers a wide array of savings opportunities. The synergy between Du and Grabdeals ensures that customers can enjoy superior telecommunications services at competitive prices. This collaboration exemplifies how quality and affordability can coexist, providing customers with an enriched experience. Visit Grabdeals today to explore these incredible offers and discover how you can enhance your telecommunications experience with Du while enjoying substantial savings.


Discover Du, the premier telecommunications provider in the UAE, revolutionizing connectivity and communication.

Since its inception in 2006, Du has established itself as a key player in the UAE's telecommunications sector. The company offers a wide range of services, including mobile and fixed telephony, broadband, and IPTV, catering to both residential and business customers. Du's dedication to innovation is evident in its achievements, such as launching the UAE's first 4G LTE network and leading smart city projects. This forward-thinking approach positions Du at the forefront of telecom advancements.

Customer satisfaction is a core principle for Du. The company offers various tailored packages to meet the unique needs of its diverse clientele, from budget-friendly prepaid plans for individuals to extensive enterprise solutions. Du's mobile app and 24/7 customer service ensure seamless access to account management, bill payments, and service inquiries. The loyalty program further enhances the customer experience by rewarding long-term users with exclusive benefits.

Du's commitment extends beyond telecommunications to include corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The company has launched numerous initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, promote digital literacy, and support local communities. Du's participation in the UAE's Vision 2021 highlights its dedication to building a sustainable and inclusive future. By blending innovative technology with strong ethical practices, Du not only enhances its customers' lives but also significantly contributes to the nation's development and by using Du discount codes provided by Grabdeals you can save on your shopping.


Why should you choose Du as your next mobile or internet service provider?

Du's service to consumers is notable for a variety of reasons. One of the primary things that inspire customers to utilize Du's services is its competitive cost. You can get the most out of your connection service by utilizing Du. Allow us to provide you with an insight into the dependability that Du gives to all of its clients in the GCC.

Unlimited Internet Access: Du provides home and mobile services that enable you to access the Internet indefinitely. These packages are time-based and may be used for any number of data transfers.

Great discounts: You may discover great discounts on a variety of SIM cards, including travel SIM cards, business SIM cards, and much more.

Reliable Connectivity: Du received several honours and distinctions, including the Best Business Solution & Satellite Innovation Award in 2018. This distinguishes Du's services as the most trustworthy and diversified, meeting everyone's demands.

Du Smart City Innovations: Du has made significant contributions to UAE tourism by delivering great services across the country and at important tourist attractions. They have also contributed to several smart initiatives across the UAE's main cities.


How to Save at Du Telecom

Du is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to saving money and getting the most out of internet and communication services. Rezeem has compiled a list to keep you updated about your savings choices on Du.

Free Delivery on Devices and Connections: When you place an order on Du, it will be delivered to your home for free. As a result, you can always save time and effort by not visiting the store; there are no additional expenses!

Bank Card Offers: You may save up to 40% with an Esaad Card and 20% with a Fazaa Card. You may see the specifics of this offer in the 'Special Offers' section of the Du online shop.

Du Sports: With a little subscription, you may choose your favourite team, and each time they win, you will receive AED 100 in credits to your Du phone number.

Pre-paid saver plans allow you to save money by purchasing a yearly membership. This is a quick way to save money on Du, and we encourage it due to its ease of use.

Additional Benefits for Flagship Device Purchases: If you buy flagship smartphones or devices from the Du shop, you can enjoy additional discounts on bundles and free connections Du Sports: With a little membership, you may pick your favourite team, and every time they win, you will receive AED 100 in credits to your Du phone number.

Prepaid Saver Plans: You may save money by purchasing a yearly membership to one of our prepaid plans. This is a really quick way to save on Du, and we recommend it because of its ease of use.

Benefits of Purchasing Flagship Devices: If you buy flagship mobiles or gadgets from the Du shop, you can enjoy further discounts on packages and free connections.


A Legacy of Innovation.

Since its start, Du has been associated with innovation. From launching innovative mobile services to employing cutting-edge technology, Du has continually pushed the envelope. The company's commitment to technical progress is seen in its strong network infrastructure, which ensures smooth connectivity and exceptional service quality.


Commitment to customer experience

Du's culture is based on an uncompromising dedication to client satisfaction. The firm stresses recognizing and answering its consumers' changing demands, providing bespoke solutions that improve ease and efficiency. Du has built long-term connections with its customers by providing individualized customer service and simple service options.


Expanding horizons: Services and solutions

Du's comprehensive offering of services includes mobile and fixed-line telephone, high-speed internet, digital television, and corporate solutions. Each service is intended to empower people and companies, allowing them to prosper in an increasingly linked world. Du's holistic approach to connection benefits a wide range of industries, from healthcare to banking, hence contributing to economic progress and societal development.


Embracing digital transformation

As the UAE embraces digital change, Du stays at the cutting edge of innovation. The company's investment in next-generation technologies such as 5G and IoT demonstrates its proactive approach to defining the future of telecoms. Du's digital activities improve connection while also promoting smart city development and sustainable living practices.


Sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Du is dedicated to sustainability and corporate responsibility, including ESG concepts in its operations. Du seeks to make a beneficial influence outside of telecommunications by focusing on activities that reduce carbon footprint, promote digital inclusiveness, and empower local communities.


Prospects and expansion

Looking ahead, Du continues to look for new opportunities for development and expansion. Strategic relationships, creative solutions, and a forward-thinking strategy have helped the corporation establish itself as a worldwide telecommunications leader. Du, with a consistent dedication to excellence and innovation, is set to reinvent digital connectivity.


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Grabdeals is your premier destination for exclusive coupons and deals tailored specifically for Du, offering a reliable and trustworthy experience in the UAE coupon market. Our platform ensures access to verified discount codes that guarantee savings on a wide range of telecommunications services and products provided by Du.

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Do You Matter Initiative: A new way to support each other.

This project is a huge step forward for the Du community. Du offers an amazing discount to those with disabilities, demonstrating their dedication to building and developing communities around the GCC. People of determination and the elderly might receive up to a 50% reduction on their annual payments from Du. This effort aims to foster self-sufficiency and independence in those who confront problems in their everyday lives.

Learn more about this deal and Du's social responsibility here. The corporation has also recently backed the AccessAbilities Expo, which promotes and instils solutions that enable individuals with determination to become more self-sufficient. Our assistance is also offered to determined individuals, as we provide the greatest Du coupons for them to obtain an even better price from this sale.


What can I do If my coupon does not work?

In general, the discount codes found on our website have been extensively tested for functionality; nevertheless, if you come across a coupon that does not work, we recommend that you follow the troubleshooting methods outlined below.

Check for spelling mistakes and extra spaces when entering the promo code on the checkout page.

Check the deal's terms and conditions to ensure that the coupon is valid for the product you have chosen. 

Check the expiration date of your coupon if it appears to be valid for your chosen product but does not function.

If all else fails, please contact us via our customer service channels to let us know about the problem, and we will gladly assist you with further methods to save at Du!


If you have wasted data from a previous recharge, du lets you to reuse it in the following recharge. This is known as data carryover at Du. Data carryover to the following month is restricted to 50% of the actual data.

Yes, du discount codes can be reused several times with no restriction.

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The majority of du codes do not have any constraints. However, it is recommended that you read the description before applying a code.

No, they do not currently provide student discounts.

Teacher discounts are currently unavailable.

Active duty military people are presently not eligible for discounts.

They presently do not provide discounts to medical professionals

There are currently no senior discounts available.