Virgin Mobile Coupon & Discount Codes - July 2024

With over a hundred physical outlets, Virgin Mobile is dominating the UAE's telecom services business with its high-end mobile app and unique features. Using its mobile application, you can quickly do all tasks without ever ...Read More
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Get 10GB Data Free on Purchases Over AED 79!

Switch to eSIM and enjoy a special bonus – get 10GB of free data with ...Read More

Earn Up to 8% Cashback on Every Purchase!

Maximize your savings with our cashback offer – earn up to 8% cashback on every ...Read More

Save 30% on Pay 6 Months Upfront!

Enjoy significant savings with our special offer – get 30% off when you pay upfront ...Read More

50% Off with 12-Month Upfront Payment!

Unlock massive savings with our exclusive offer – get 50% off when you pay upfront ...Read More

Upgrade to a Plan Worth AED 79 or More for Anghami Plus Benefits!

Take your mobile experience to the next level – upgrade to any plan priced at ...Read More

50% Off Yearly Plans with Virgin Mobile!

Switch to Virgin Mobile and enjoy 50% off on yearly plans! Whether you need unlimited ...Read More

Discover Virgin Mobile UAE's cutting-edge plans and premium benefits that are revolutionizing mobile connectivity.

Virgin Mobile UAE stands out as a pioneer in revolutionizing mobile experiences across the UAE, offering a diverse array of innovative plans tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers. Whether you're a heavy data user, a frequent traveller requiring seamless international roaming, or someone who prefers flexible prepaid options, Virgin Mobile UAE ensures there's a suitable plan for every lifestyle. What distinguishes Virgin Mobile UAE is its steadfast commitment to transparency and simplicity—there are no hidden fees, allowing users to manage their mobile expenses effortlessly. The user-friendly app further enhances convenience, enabling customers to monitor their usage, customize their plans, and access customer support with ease.

At the heart of Virgin Mobile UAE's customer-centric approach lies its dedication to enhancing user satisfaction through cutting-edge technology and exceptional service. The provider prioritizes seamless connectivity to ensure customers stay connected without interruption. The intuitive app streamlines account management, empowering users to make adjustments to their plans seamlessly. This commitment to flexibility extends beyond service management; Virgin Mobile UAE values customer feedback to shape future offerings, ensuring each plan and service evolves to meet changing needs.

In partnership with Grabdeals, Virgin Mobile UAE enhances its value proposition by offering exclusive Virgin Mobile UAE discount codes to subscribers. This collaboration underscores Virgin Mobile UAE's commitment to delivering added benefits beyond basic connectivity. Subscribers can access special deals on mobile devices, accessories, and more through Grabdeals, maximizing savings and enriching their mobile experience. Whether upgrading devices or saving on essential purchases, Virgin Mobile UAE and Grabdeals provide compelling incentives that enhance the overall value of their mobile services.

Virgin Mobile UAE continues to lead in customer satisfaction and innovation within the UAE's telecom industry. With a focus on transparency, flexibility, and customer empowerment, Virgin Mobile UAE remains the preferred choice for consumers seeking reliable, high-quality mobile services. Explore the full range of plans and benefits offered at Virgin Mobile UAE to elevate your mobile experience today.


Virgin Mobile UAE: Revolutionizing connection with Innovative customer-centric solutions

Virgin Mobile UAE is recognized as a pioneer in the telecommunications sector, renowned for its innovative approach to mobile connectivity. The company offers a diverse range of advanced plans designed to cater to various customer needs, emphasizing simplicity and flexibility.

Central to Virgin Mobile UAE's appeal is its commitment to providing seamless connectivity and exclusive benefits such as data rollover, international calling options, and personalized customer support. These customer-centric services ensure that users stay effortlessly connected while enjoying added value with each plan.

Virgin Mobile UAE utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance user experience, offering a user-friendly website with intuitive navigation and comprehensive plan details. From browsing available packages to managing account settings, the online platform empowers users to control their mobile experience seamlessly. Additionally, the company continuously updates its offerings to incorporate the latest technological advancements, ensuring customers have access to state-of-the-art services at competitive rates.

So, Virgin Mobile UAE stands at the forefront of transforming mobile connectivity through innovation and customer satisfaction. Whether customers seek reliable network coverage, flexible plan options, or enhanced digital services, Virgin Mobile UAE remains a preferred choice. By combining technological excellence with personalized service, Virgin Mobile UAE sets a standard for telecommunications excellence in the region and collaboration with Grabdeals it gives Virgin Mobile UAE coupon codes that you can use to save on your subscription.


Virgin Mobile offers a wide range of services.

Exclusively Priced deals with Greater Flexibility - Virgin Mobile is recognized for providing the greatest deals to its clients, with the Unlimited Local Minutes/SMS Package standing out. From a month's package to a six-month package with 30% off and an annual package with 50% off, you'll find the best deals and bundles. 

An All-in-One App to Access Everything Under One Roof — They wanted everything in the Virgin Mobile App to be mobile, and they took care to make it user-friendly when designing it. Along with offering high-speed internet and other cellular services, it has met its objective of making everything available, accessible, and usable through its mobile app. Today, every Virgin Mobile user utilizes the app for everything from plan selection to redeeming Virgin Mobile App Codes.

Order Your SIM Card Online with a Custom Plan - Virgin Mobile's cutting-edge mobile application provides clients with an exceptional mobile service experience. You can do a lot more with its high-end mobile application, like obtaining a new sim and creating your own plan, checking your mobile usage, and utilizing Virgin Mobile Promo Codes. So, there's nothing that can entice you to leave the luxury of your own house and visit an actual mobile store.

Cross-Platform Compatibility and Reliability - Whether you use iOS or Android, the software is available on their respective mobile app stores. To begin using Virgin Mobile's services, go to your mobile app store and download the app. There is much more than what you can find, including cross-platform compatibility and a safe and secure online environment. Your data and information will never be compromised, so stop worrying and start using the Virgin Mobile App. 


5G Home Internet

You are now completely equipped to make use of home internet. Virgin Mobile's 5G home internet service is straightforward, with unlimited data, high-quality streaming, and fast speeds. 5G home internet provides an exceptional, fast experience that is excellent for streaming, gaming, and chatting. With 5G speeds and limitless data, you can stream your favourite shows, view movies, and play the newest games.

Use a Virgin Mobile promo code to stay in touch with loved ones without experiencing lag or buffering while remaining within your budget. It's simple to begin. Choose the 5G home internet package that best meets your needs. It can allow for 12 months of significant savings or a more flexible monthly plan. Your plan may be bought and delivered within 60 minutes. You may save up to 50% by choosing a 12-month plan. And if you use a Virgin Mobile promo code, you'll receive incredible savings. So what are you waiting for? Get your 5G home internet package today and prepare to experience the next generation of home internet!


VIP numbers

Virgin Mobile recognizes the value of having a VIP number for your business. That is why its IP plans include unique VIP numbers that you will not find anywhere else! These numbers are unique representations of your brand, making them an ideal method to set yourself apart from the competition.

Its VIP plans are classified into three categories: red, bronze, and gold. Each plan contains unique numbers and personalized subscription options. Regardless of the plan you pick, you can be confident that you will receive a unique number. Choose your unique number now with our 12-month VIP programs. Don't forget to apply the Virgin Mobile coupon code for a large discount.


Tourists sim

Do you want to spend your holiday in the United Arab Emirates? Use Virgin Mobile's Tourist SIM to stay connected while on vacation. Tourist SIM options from the firm are designed to give you with the comfort and affordability you want for your vacation. Get local and international minutes with its tourist SIM, whether you're staying for 7, 10, or 15 days.

Pick up your plan at the airport and you'll have access to low-cost minutes and data without needing to obtain a local SIM card. If you buy a tourist package for AED 300, BOTIM is free. On the other hand, applying the 15% off Virgin Mobile first-order coupon will save you money.


International roaming

Travelling internationally with Virgin Mobile is straightforward and convenient. Travelling to other nations is an exciting trip that allows you to learn about diverse cultures. Unfortunately, international roaming may be expensive and complex. Get a new SIM card for your phone, insert it, and become acquainted with the numerous travel fees you may incur.

Stay connected wherever you go with its low-cost travel alternatives. Use your current plan when abroad; your phone will work precisely as it does at home. The International Roaming Pass, available for 7 or 30 days, allows you to utilize data and international minutes when overseas. Select the roaming pass that best meets your needs. Take advantage of Virgin Mobile's deal for more savings and convenient travel.


ESIM for Apple Watch.

It's time to update your Apple Watch with eSIM technology (GPS and cellular). Even when your iPhone is not nearby, you can use your Apple Watch to make calls, send messages, and get notifications. You only need a Virgin Mobile eSIM. Use the Virgin Mobile coupon code to buy it today at a reduced price.

With an eSIM subscription, you can stay connected without having to carry an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Replace your iPhone with the convenience and flexibility of a Virgin Mobile eSIM subscription. Use Virgin Mobile vouchers to have fun.


Virgin Mobile deals

Virgin Mobile is the leading mobile network provider, committed to offering the best possible service and value to its consumers. It revealed updated services and the most recent discount coupons for Virgin Mobile! Check out our discounts and promos below, and prepare to save big!

Double Data is back!

Double data is back, and it's time to upgrade your phone! Team Virgin understands your preference for having data available when you need it most. That is why it is bringing back the double-data offer. If you select a plan with 7 GB or more, you will receive twice as much data for six months. Get 14GB for less with a Virgin Mobile discount code that saves 40%. You don't need to do anything else; simply select your optimal plan, which will immediately double your data. If you receive a new number (or maintain your current one) and order your SIM card, it will be delivered for free within 60 minutes.


Data upgrade for free

Are you prepared to improve your data? If so, go no further than Virgin Mobile's incredible free data upgrade promotion. Use the promo code ONLINE to obtain a 2GB or greater plan and a free data upgrade for up to 12 months. Whatever your data requirements are, this service will keep you connected and enable you to track your consumption. Use the Virgin Mobile promo codeUAE to choose from a variety of plans at great costs.

Unlimited local minutes.

Enjoy unlimited local calls and chat as long as you like without worrying about being charged extra. Virgin Mobile's Unlimited Local Call options allow you to optimize your savings while also staying in regular contact with your loved ones.

On annual subscriptions, unlimited local calls are included for AED 112.50 (excluding 5% VAT) each month. Because of the straightforward sign-up process, you may activate your SIM at home in 60 minutes. You don't have to worry about fees since Virgin Mobile discounts help you save a lot of money.


Internet Calling

New technology has made internet calling a reality, dramatically altering the way we connect. BOTIM, a UAE-based software that offers voice and video calling services to customers, has made internet calling easier than ever, allowing people to keep in touch with friends and family throughout the world.

The best aspect is that you'll get access to the BOTIM app with a single subscription. Enjoy internet calling at a significantly cheaper cost. Virgin Mobile's discount code provides additional savings and options, such as an international calling plan, at reasonable prices.


Family plan

Do you wish to connect with your family at a reasonable cost? The Virgin Mobile family package is the only The family plan includes up to 500 free minutes or messages per household. Virgin Mobile will deliver and activate your SIM cards at your home or office after you sign up.

After joining up and adding extra SIMs to your account, you will earn 500 minutes for each one. Its helpful staff will also show you how to save a lot of money with the initial order of 58 per cent off Virgin Mobile coupons. The family package is the ideal option for staying in touch with your family while staying within your budget. 

Free Anghami plus

Greetings from the musical revolution! Team Virgin is aware of this, and we are here to help you fully experience the music you enjoy. They provide Anghami Plus for free with any AED 79 or above subscription. Anghami Plus is the place to go for the most recent music releases and top musicians.

It's simple to receive your free Anghami Plus subscription. You must activate it in your Virgin Mobile app, then download the Anghami app and establish an account using your Virgin Mobile number. Virgin Mobile discount code allows you ad-free music streaming and unlimited downloads. 


5G for free

Everyone's been thinking about 5G recently. Everyone is discussing 5G, from the newest tech headlines to family dinners. It's no wonder that everyone is gushing about it, considering its fantastic speed, more consistent connectivity, and rapid downloads. But what if you could get free 5G? Here's where Virgin Mobile comes in. Its 5G coverage makes it easy to receive the fast and reliable connection you need.

The good news is that you don't have to wait to fully realize 5G's potential. With Virgin Mobile, you can receive 5G for free and take advantage of incredible speeds and connectivity. Don't forget to use the Virgin Mobile voucher code for free 5G service. So, what are you waiting for? Get 5G from Virgin Mobile and start experiencing the future now.


Use the store locator to locate a store.

Using a shop locator to find a business may save you both time and money, making it a very handy tool. Use the Virgin Mobile shop finder to discover the nearest location, which will save you from driving long distances or incurring high delivery fees. It also provides access to extra information such as the store's actual location, contact information, and service offerings.



Virgin Mobile has taken big initiatives to enhance the environment. It has pledged to dramatically reduce trash output, single-use plastics, and carbon emissions. Virgin Mobile UAE launched the first biodegradable SIM card in early 2022 to minimize the amount of plastic used for our customers' convenience. It has also decreased its packaging and removed all single-use plastics, including those found in office pantries and common spaces.

Its mission is to build a better, more sustainable future, and it invites you to join them in the battle against climate change. You will all contribute and change the world together. So what are you waiting for? Join Virgin Mobile now and help influence the future!


Virgin Mobile blog

The Virgin Mobile blog features the most recent corporate news, special deals, and services. It provides recommendations and assistance on how to get the most out of your Virgin Mobile subscription. The site also includes guest contributions from industry professionals. It is a significant resource for both existing and future clients. It also offers Virgin Mobile discount coupons.


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At Grabdeals, our dedicated team of shopping specialists ensures you access the best daily deals on Virgin Mobile UAE plans and devices. Whether you're buying a new smartphone or subscribing to a data plan, Grabdeals offers verified discounts applicable to both regular and promotional prices, giving you flexibility in your savings strategy.

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Virgin Mobile FAQs

Go to their website to register for a subscription. A home internet service or a mobile plan are your options. Customizing your plans to meet your specific needs is the finest part.

You must successfully renew your monthly plan and have a minimum of 79 points in order to get your monthly incentives, which will be instantly transferred to your Virgin Mobile in-app wallet as Cashback.

No, student discounts are not offered at this time.

Discounts for teachers are not currently available.

Military personnel on active service are not presently eligible for discounts.

At the moment, medical practitioners are not eligible for discounts.

At this time, senior discounts are not offered.